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SCHOOL for WORK 2017

  • August 5, 2016
  • Sofia

School for Work 2017: In Teams

Many children leaving institutions at the age of 18 are not well prepared for life outside the home and are unable to start work or stay in employment for more than 3 months. The reason for this is that they not only have large gaps in education but also lack basic social and work skills.

Together, we can help children to become independent youths after leaving institutions. During School for Work we shall replicate realistic work situations in which children develop their skills and accumulate a theoretical and practical experience of teamwork and the professions they want to have.

This year the school brings together 40 children from all over Bulgaria, aged between 14 and 18 in Sofia. Together with the volunteers, we are divided into working teams according to the interests of each child. Children are employees, and volunteers – managers of different companies. The purpose of this role play is to make children aware of how much other effort is needed in their work, and that in addition to skill, key elements of work are relationships with colleagues, bosses, working time and overall performance.

Be a volunteer in School for Work 2017: Teamwork from 31 August until 4th of September

Below you can find the agenda. You can sign up to be a volunteer here (link to Google form in Bulgarian) or ask any questions by writing to us at pk@podaretekniga.org

Day 1: 31.08 (Thursday) until 16.00 Children arrive in Sofia
1 day: 31.08 (Thursday) 16h. – 18h. Interviews and hiring
1 night: 31.08 (Thursday) 20h. – 22h. Quiz in the park

Day 2: 01.09 (Friday) 10h – 16h. Open doors in real companies
Day 2: 01.09 (Friday) 16h. – 18h. Team meetings
2 night: 01.09 (Friday) 19h. – 22h. Discussion on sexual culture

Day 3: 02.09 (Saturday) 10h. – 12h. Team meetings
3 days: 02.09 (Saturday) 13h. – 16h. General education courses
3 days: 02.09 (Saturday) 16h. – 18h. Team meetings
3 night: 02.09 (Saturday) 19h. – 22h. Entertainment-surprise

Day 4: 03.09 (Sunday) 9h.- 12h. General education courses
4th day: 03.09 (Sunday) 13h. – 17h. Team meetings
4th day: 03.09 (Sunday) 17h. – 18h. Bazaar
4 night: 03.09 (Sunday) 19h. – 22h. Good bye party

5th day: 04.09 (Monday) 9h.- 12h. The children leave