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Be A Friend

This is a challenge for all volunteers and children. The time spent together gives the children new knowledge, skills and wonderful experiences. Every volunteer has something to tell to a child. About work or skills. About career choices, ups and downs, about stubbornness or simply about love.

The lack of parental care and adequate school development makes the need for such volunteers enormous. Every minute you spare from your own time could teach a child an important life lesson. Whether you focus on African animals, the origin and movement of money or simply tell them how to make poached eggs, the child learns something new.

A time well spent is always beneficial.


The access to every orphanage is allowed based on certain formal requirements which are easy to comply if you meet us and the director of the institution several times. In addition, the social assistants working at the orphanage are constantly checking every kind of communication a kid could have in order to avoid any risk.

This is it! The first step you need to make is to join us and visit an orphanage with us. Then all happens by itself.

How does it happen in practice?

In our Traveling School, besides the professional teachers who lead the literacy classes, we also need hearty volunteer teachers, children’s friends, to pass on a bit of their knowledge.

Our main idea is to promote freedom of friendship – friendships should happen naturally. Nobody would appoint you to a specific child, nobody would give you orders, you and the child choose each other, with simple help from us. In practice the day is a mixture between games and reading – games are to break the ice, and reading is because it is important.