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Become A Mentor

Many of the children who leave the children`s homes at the age of 18 are not able to find a job or to keep a job for more than three months.

The reason for this is that they not only have huge gaps in education, but they are also missing key social and labour skills.

Working in Teams


Phase 1: Starting week 

This year 40 children and many volunteers will become colleagues in different companies to feel how much more efforts are needed in your job beside the work. But in addition to basic skills, the starting week aims to give the children confidence and zeal with which to continue in the coming even more difficult steps. Meeting the volunteers who will become their mentors after the school is also one of our main goals.

Phase 2: Professional courses and internships

Every child will be offered to start a profession training course near the town where they live. In other cases, we help the adolescents find their first job or internship.

Phase 3: Mentoring

After the starting week our volunteers will continue to visit their children to be able to support and advise them when they need help and support. They will help them in job search and finding their first home.

What does it matter?

Finding a job for these young people is difficult, but not so much – many people were willing to give them a chance and be patient with learning during these four years.

What is really enormously difficult is keeping their job. We will use a game to show them the other important things besides the work itself – the relations with colleagues, with their boss, even attitude to working hours. All volunteers will be in strict compliance with the rules in their companies, because until now rarely somebody did require this from the children. In short, we will teach teamwork!

Ivo is a collective image of the orphaned children. At the age of 18 he left the orphanage in Berkovitsa having graduated 5th grade. He went to his father’s place who worked as a cowherd in the suburbs. The first several weeks all was fine except the drinking problem of Ivo’s father. Later Ivo became aware of the fact that his father owns money to a lot of people and Ivo’s humble salary was used to cover the father’s debt. After few months living with his father Ivo moved to a protected home. But the protected homes have their specifics and rules and Ivo failed to comply with them. He could not make himself to wake up early in the morning, to clean and to achieve the goals set for him. All this left him where all started – at the street.

More or less the adolescents are not prepared for the outside world because all they had in the orphanages was taken as granted. They lack basic skills and habits and cannot believe that someone will offer them a proper job. Sadly this is often the truth.

All this is the deeper level of the understanding that our educational system does not teach the children of basic professional skills.

Surely they will be some people who will say that what we do is of no meaning but we saw the effect on Vasko, Zoiko, Sarah, Naiden, Vesko, Valio, Genoveva, Ico, Yavor, Ivo and many more.

And we keep doing it since 2013, because if we manage to change the faith of even one child every effort will be awarded.