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Find A Teacher

Children raised in institutions often fall behind in school. They don’t have a habit to learn and often do not understand why it is important.


This might also be the case with many children with parents, but they have a mommy and daddy who invent thousands of creative ways to help their children to complete their education.

And of course, there are children (with or without parents) who just do not cope with school. Our goal is not to make all of them excellent students, but to help each of them to reach their potential.

Give a book” foundation finds local teachers to work with the children. Sometimes these are courses in a particular subject with one child or study groups in Bulgarian language and literature or other subjects for children who are at the same level, although sometimes they are not in the same class at school.

We have study groups in five of the institutions we work with with several children each, and in many other there are children who get individual training from a teacher. There are many children who returned to school with our support, or improved their results in school, however there are those for whom we did not change much. One can see the biggest progress in the children, who have a volunteer-friend who adds some motivation and gives support, and yet the most important is the inside incentive of child. Everything depends on the children, and our goal is just to give them a chance.