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What we do

We are constantly looking for people (not just books) who want to befriend the children. We are also a mediator between the children and volunteers, who would give a piece of their time and voluntarily engage with these kids, be their mentors and become friends.


We gather people who can give a fraction of their time to children in orphanages


We find local teachers for extracurricular activities and professional courses


We help the children who go out of the orphanages to help themselves in real life

How we started

Give a Book started with eight books gifted by Blagovesta Pugyova to a girl named Melani. Being a part of a TV production made me acquainted with the most terrifying stories about orphaned children. And I constantly wanted to do something for them. Because I knew people watched the production with the same interest they watched Big Brother, but no one called to help them.

These first eight books were all inscribed with words like “Reading is important”, “Keep reading”, “Please do not quit reading” and so on. Melani did not realize the importance of reading because no one had told her that. And when I came back home a friend of mine, the famous poet Ivaylo Dobrev, told me “Blaga, you did such a great thing!” Then I told him it should not be for just one kid but for all children living their lives without parents and friends who can open their eyes for the wonderful world of the books. The next thing I did was to create a Facebook page “PODARETE KNIGA” and I started looking for volunteers who will gather books throughout the country. And thus, volunteer by volunteer and orphanage by orphanage we keep doing our thing.

It all started as a volunteer initiative in 2010. Two years later it became officially a foundation. We were a group of volunteers who collected books and at the end of each month we would bring them to orphanages throughout Bulgaria. We visited dozens of these homes and we learned that the communication was what was most needed and what gives result and change in the children.

Be a friend

Give Time

Would you give a piece of your time and voluntarily engage with kids, be their mentor and friend? Come join us in our quest for a better living and social acceptance.