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  • Bul. Tzar Osvoboditel 8
  • +359 (0) 884 350 618
  • Email: valya@podaretekniga.org

  • Phone: +359 (0) 899 922 126

Hello, how do your friends call you?
– Vale, Valentse
What do you do for a living?
– I organise events for a tourist agency.
Do you like the job?
– Yes, a lot.
And what did you study?
– Tourism
Where are you from?
– A village called Kozarka, near Zlatograd.
Do you have kids?
– No
When did you start volunteering?
– May 2016
How did it begin? Were you afraid at first?
– I was postponing this for quite some time, searching for excuses, most of the times – I had no time. I don’t know if I was afraid then, maybe I am afraid now more than then. I am afraid not to disappoint my new friends.
For you volunteering is:
– For me volunteering with Give a Book is mostly friendship and responsibility towards the new friendships.