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  • Email: kamelia@podaretekniga.org

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Hello, how do your friends call you?
– People call me Kalie.
What do you do for a living?
– I work as a legal assistant (also known as Assistant Judge)
Do you like the job?
– I like my work a lot. I struggled for about two years to win the contest for the position I am currently at.
And what did you study?
– I have a Master’s of law, graduated with honours from the Law Faculty of Paisii Hilendarski University.
Where are you from?
– I was born and raised in Velingrad, but for the last 11 years I live in Plovdiv and this is my home now.
Do you have kids?
– I don’t have children. I have a nephew at age 3, he is my sister’s son.
When did you start volunteering?
– I am a full-time volunteer since January 2018, although I have visited the orphanage once before, in April 2014.
How did it begin? Were you afraid at first?
– A friend of mine was going through a hard phase. Then, in an attempt to help her, I shared the idea of embarking on something meaningful that would make us feel useful as people and better members of our society. I remembered the organization, and on the first possible date, we signed up to visit the orphanage. It was January 2018.
For you volunteering is:
– A necessity!